Born in Lyon (1992), to a British mother and a French father, I grew up between both countries, languages and cultures; somehow resulting in a sense of not really belonging anywhere. I graduated from the London College of Communication in 2014, and have continued leading a nomadic life ever since. I lived in India and Brazil between 2015 and 2019, and I still spend a lot of my time in France and in the UK. 

After graduating from university, my work was mostly portraiture and documentary. I've always been fascinated by the world around me, with a keen interest in capturing people, communities and social phenomena.

Whilst living in Brazil in 2019, I delved into the world of indigenous medicine ceremonies, which encouraged my practice in its new turn towards the world of plants. Greatly influenced by Shamanic rituals, Yoga, Somatics & Menstrual Cycle awareness, I have recently begun delving into self-portraiture, as a means to deepen, embody and record the teachings I continue to learn from these practices. 

The art of self-portraiture has been a powerful way to meet myself on deeper levels and from varying angles; all the while kickstarting my ongoing exploration of the relationship between the human form and the 'Earth body'. Ultimately seeking to invite the viewer into an inner enquiry and reflection on this relationship.  

My first steps into the practice of self-portraiture have resulted in my most recent series: BLOOM, MOON BLOOD & EARTH BODY which I produced during the Covid-19 lockdown. Three bodies of work which explore very intimate, yet universal topics, and which I hope will be catalyst for deeper reflections on these subjects.

Through this process of transformation of myself and my art practice, I have come to realise that Photography is my medicine, the one that heals me and the one I am here to share with others. My intention is to use this form of expression as a tool for activism and healing; delivering messages and sensitising the viewer to subjects such as our connection with the Earth, or the Menstrual cycle, and acting as a bridge between the subtler realms and the more Cartesian western mindset, through the universal language of Art.

Exhibitions & Events:

  • The Rite of Fall  group exhibition & event with Claudia Hill (artist, Berlin) & Asi Rua (shaman, São Paulo) / September 2019
  • Art Reach group exhibition at Bikaner House, New Delhi / December 2017
  • Transmodernity group exhibition, KAOS, Berlin / October 2017
  • Photomonth group exhibition, Richmix, London / November 2016
  • Wanderers group exhibition, Zorba the Buddha, New Delhi / November 2015
  • Solo photography exhibition at LTG, New Delhi / October 2015
  • Languages of Love, group exhibition, Loophole, Berlin / January 2015
  • SIEGE group exhibition, Apartment 58,  London / December 2013
  • Introducing 2013  group exhibition, Vibe Bar, London / November 2013
  • A Tribute Act group exhibition, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London / October 2013
  • Estuary group exhibition, The Museum of London / May - October 2013
  • Southern Fried One Night Stand group exhibition, London / March 2013
  • Plato’s Cave group exhibition, London / March 2013
  • Cables Part II group exhibition, Cable Street Studios, London / June - July 2012


  • - 'Kyta' - 6 weeks in the village of Kalga, Himachal Pradesh, India / October, November 2015
  • - 'Mint' - 4 weeks in the Marrakech Medina / March 2013


  • 'My Favourite Shot - Street Life' Life Framer / July 2020
  • 'Portrait of Humanity Vol.2' book by The British Journal of Photography, published by Hoxton Mini Press  / June 2020
  • Ninu Nina Journal / November 2018 
  • Life Framer / June 2016
  • Le Quotidien de L'Art / June 2016
  • Analog Year Book / May 2014
  • Mint Leaf fanzine #2 / January 2014
  • Mint Leaf fanzine #1 / November 2013


Freelance documentary photographer for Ruby Pseudo consulting agency

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