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Womb of the Earth

£100.00 GBP

'Womb of the Earth' 

photograph from an ongoing body of work entitled  'THIS EARTH BODY IS MY HOME', which explores the state of inter-being between Human & Earth bodies.

In celebration of Earth Day, and coming together in aid of TreeSisters, I have collaborated with UK based eco-conscious beauty brand Herlum to bring you limited edition prints.

Each 'Womb of the Earth' print is an edition of 25, with 100% of profits going directly to TreeSisters, a UK registered social change and reforestation charity. 

Each print sold will fund the planting of 193 new trees.


  • Unframed & limited run
  • Printed on sustainable paper made from bamboo fibres
  • Size: Square print (15x15 inches)

This collaboration is an invitation to be a part of the change. Support this cause for a better April 22nd each year.

*The number of new trees is calculated based on the profits raised and the tree prices by Tree Sisters.

**Prints will be available until 22nd May, or while stock lasts.

***Price excludes postage costs

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