We are made of her soil, rivers and mountains. Our blood is the water that runs through her veins, and our breath is the wind which rushes through the leaves. Our rage is the eruption of a thousand volcanoes and our joy is the sound of bird song at dawn. The lines and wrinkles that adorn our skin are the same which make the leaves, and the cycles which conduct this wonderful dance of life are reflected within our being. Like a foetus in her mother's womb, the human body nestles itself within the Earth body.

'This Earth Body Is My Home' is an ongoing body of work which reflects on our oneness with Earth. An exploration into form, matter and movement, which attempts to blur the illusionary sense of separation between humans and our precious planet and with the intention of shedding light on the original state of inter-being between the human body and the Earth body. An embodiment of Earth, or ‘Earthbodiment’ through self-portraiture and words.

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